Easy like Sunday morning.

Counting Crows are trying to get back in the mix, preforming at the grove at 4pm yesterday or was it today?..come on dudes. Are you serious? They can stop at the American Girl cafe when they're done.

Im bored watching Ben Folds Five videos on the computer and from the corner of my eye Im catching True Life: Im Moving to Vegas. Multi-tasking.

Dance moves are on point.

Remember when Tyra Banks tried to have a music career, that was cool.

Jodie Foster, I win!

When i first saw Panic Room I realized two things..1) Jodie Foster is indeed a lesbian and 2) that I want a real life panic room in my future home. Well if I have money to waste and am hooking my house up with all sorts of crazy things, one would be a panic room. You gotta stay safe man.

But then things just changed when my dear friend Max sent this to me, its the best of both worlds! A panic room in the comfort of your own bed.

If I saw my stalker outside my window the first thing I could do is jump in my box. I mean who dosent need protection from a bio-chemical terrorist attack? Know what Im sayin.

Oh sorry one more thing..Its like when you were younger and you'd cover your entire body in your sheets thinking that any limb that was sticking out was going to get chopped off or tickled by whatever was hiding under your bed. Well now you have REAL protection, better than sheets mang.

Not so lazy today.

What to do after Easter day with the family? Go to a Rumspringa show at the 6th Street Warehouse. If you haven't gotten a chance to see these fine fellas, your missing o-u-t.

For as many times that I have been to this spot and hovered over this toilet I deserve a gold star or high five. My monthly work out? maybe.

The only cool thing in the gnarly bathroom.

As soon as I get out of this mess I went over to Andrew concerned and expressed that this could NOT be the only restroom, that the people who lived here couldn't possibly use this thing in the middle of the night for a random piss or early morning pee of the day. That there must be something better, 2 minutes I met the owner of the spot and told him my thoughts. He then filled me in on a secret...

Alas, the secret bathroom that I've dreamed of.

1 babe + 2 babes = 3 babes. Simple equation.

These guys and one chick were cool, rock and roll mannn. I got a surprise random visit from them the next day at my work, small world.

Kevin met me there. This guy blows my brains up, the greatest dude.

Its fun to watch people eat shit while trying to walk by all cool past the band and over the skate ramp.

Im not ever sure what this guys band was called, but it was the best show I've ever seen. He was all over the place, running up the skate ramp, rubbin himself of innocent boys, at one point of the show he just went and sat the bar and got a beer while the band played..I think Im in love.

He kept shedding clothes. Stripper.

Kevin gave me this old pee-wee doll, It is now a fixture among my many other random knick knacks at my house. I love this doll even though I think that it might come alive in the middle of the night and murder me.

Playing in my house, pushing buttons on my camera.

This is the cross I made at Danny's during our arts and crafts night. This photo contains many of my favorite things..PBR, a cross, nail polish and cigarettes, my new lips ash tray and lastly my old school boombox of a blackberry.

Bread bowls all up in this.


Started the day with breakfast at Joes. My camera is busted in the day light but I still like the way the photos come out, okay.

Then an all day bbq,beer,candy,video game day.

Duncan. I owe you a better quality photo than this.


For some dumb reason i forgot to take a picture of the best part of the kitchen. Molly and Duncan took a ton of Duncan's pogs and glued them on a huge piece of paper and framed it. Its the best thing I've seen in a while. I might have to do this is my future.

This is a keg the entire day, guitar hero karaoke mess.

Molly makes pins, money clips and other amazing things. She was kind enough to let us make some of our own pins. A couple of the ones I made read.."Fuck a tree","Fuck your money","Beer","Gay pride","Gay is what I am"...to name a few. Thanks Molly!

Trader Sams is a busted version of Trader Joes and Cha Cha. But I was like, Whatever.

Witness protection program.