got my nubrella on but they look like sneakers.

I am about to show you the future.

This is the next big thing, the nubrella is where its at. So classy you cant even google image that shit. This is an image stolen from the website.

Did you know that you can even wear one while riding a bike?

The nubrella promise: “it can not and will not invert in any wind”
More extended coverage keeping you drier all the time.
Nubrella blocks windchill!
A far safer and more reliable product! No more sharp points, poles or rods
Can be used completely hands free! Even in significant winds.
New oval, streamlined and aerodynamic design!

Danny and I forecasted future issues with this invention.

one being its too big for the sidewalk.
two being issues on a subway. " hey man, get your nubrella out of my face".

I would want a black nubrella and i would decorate it in stickers and glitter on the inside back so you could see it when your walking towards me.


Rumspringa was too good last night. I took advantage of a drum stick and got to play some tunes on a tambourine. Im into this. Then went and cut a rug at Cranes. I can call Cranes a good dancing spot.

Danny picked me up at 10:30 am today and we went to look at these crazy victorian houses in Angelino Heights and randomly ran into Missy walking annddd met this hilarious landlord names Manuel. He was this old man who gave the weirdest handshake Ive ever done. He kind of just stook his hand out with a loose fist and you just grabbed it and shook it. We thought that maybe he was not into germs. It was fun to re-enacte it when we bounced. He showed us a spot that over looked downtown and the hollywood sign fool. His brothers occupy the other two apartments. I would have a fiesta with them, Manuel and my tecate. One more thing about Manuel, you have to see the rent sign!! All sorts of spelling issues and slang. We cant find the usb cord but i want to put that picture on here and the houses.

By the way today was ones of those days you cant really tell a story about, you had to just be there.

we're just two guys, having a good time.

Went to a crazy house party last night. I miss those. Last summer there was one every weekend, what happened to that? Come on people.

Hung out at Andrew and Rons house for a bit before hand because it was down the street from the spot.

It started to rain while we were walking up to the party. We used natures umbrella (a lovely tree) to stand under and decided to use the liqour store bags as hair protectors. Porcelain makes a plastic bag look high fashion. Go girl.


Oh, hey.

There was a movie playing on the ceiling, cool.

These two.

Let's dance put on your red shoes,
And dance the blues.

This is where people took a piss.

Look at this dope jacket a guy had on!!

Porcelain and Roon!

Abbo, Annette and Zoe. Girls are crazyyy.

Ashleys band played.


Quentin and Will


Im getting sick. Bummer.

somebody shoot me.

last night was more fun than any other night in the last couple of months. the house we went to was :

a) cool
b) had a crazy view of the city
c) had a porta potty outside for people like you and me
d) ashleys band played
e) 40's all in your face
f) bag head
g) a mic that someone forgot to turn off and i got to sing on with biggie playing in the background. word.
h) yup

got home at 3.

at work. im tired and trying to choke down a grimy latte from the donut shop. oh, and out of boredom i bit off all my nails. no more star nails on these hands,

view from the computer:

i need to put pictures up of the party tonight.

whats up dog.

Woke up on James couch again today and stopped at Dustys before we went on an all day mission to go to a couple of shelters to look for dogs for James. Didnt find anything, but we did see a dog that could jump 6 feet into the air. Crazy dog but a cool dog. Rain in LA makes everyone forget how to drive.

And we saw the worlds strongest dog. No..we didnt. But if we did that would of been scary.

House party tonight at Charlie Chaplins old house.

You better work, covergirl.

Met my pops for lunch today at some greek spot, took the bus home and it reminded me about how I hate the bus. Before I got on I was standing there next to a bum and he was having a sneezing attack. I looked over and saw the snot hanging from his long beard. I was like..word? We got on and he continued to sit there and just stare at me. I was getting annoyed and wanted to move but it turned into me having this daydream about him standing up and shanking me with a dirty shank and having to go to the hospital. I even contemplated if I would want to pay the money to take an ambulance or if i would just take the bus to the hospital. This led into me thinking about the cut getting infected and dying if i didn't make it to the hospital on time. Geez. I moved eventually.

Then I met up with Danny and we went to some professional hair spot to get some stuff to do my hair. Like for real, you had to show your license. Did you know Danny is a licensed professional. Then the fool did my hur and made me the babe of the night.

When James and I were younger we did a choreographed dance to this song. not kidding. at camp 8400. That place was the jam. Capitol JAM with a J. Our choreographers name was Angel, he had us dancing to all sorts of craziness inculding Janet Jackson..rhythm nation days. Side note: Last night I got to talking with an old friend and he said he recently got a laserdisc player. I got jealous and said I had been planning on getting one but haven't gotten around to it. The point is I have Janet Jackson- Rhythm Nation concert on laserdisc annndddd Top gun and Tu Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything. To name a few.

Sitting at Dannys.
Rons cocking porcelains toilet, sexy time.
Im sitting waiting to grab a bite to eat. I painted my nails hot pink.

Then to Sarah's goodbye party at a UN mentionable place.

Yeondoo Jung, your the man.

I really like this guy. He takes childrens art work and turns them into real life photographs. Yeondoo Jung lives and works in Seoul, Korea. This exhibit is called Wonderland / 2005 but he recently had a solo exhibition in Spain in 2007 . I would like to own these and in my future hang them on my white walls. I have a small fantasy about having this really girly dressing room with a vanity and a chaise lounge, they would hang in there. Just to give you a visual.