Meet me at the station don't be late.

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My old favorite tune.

A couple of drunken nights rolling on the floor,
Is just the kind of mess Im looking for.
Im gunna dream till Monday comes in sight,
I want to see the bright lights tonight.

Indeed Linda.

People go just where they will.

VIVA-RADIO put my playlist on there site. COOL!

You can listen to VIVA anywhere. At your home, at your job, in the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen. Go on your computer..wait your currently on a computer so type in, go to contributors at the bottom left and click California Select. Do it.

Let it ride.


As the present now will later be past.

Went to Joey's house to watch them play, ended up staying up till the sun came up and then continued hanging out until the sun went down the next day. Times are changing, times have changed. I haven't been happier in a long time.

Chris cut his hand on a cymbol. Yowza.

My Zone. Goat cheese burgers, corn on the slob, hot dogs.

Daryl prepared, I grilled. Grill master.

Ryan this one's for you.