cash money cash money cash money.


The first 800,000 tax payers will receive direct deposits by the end of today. Now I wish I took the time to put my bank info on the thing so I could be one of the 800,000 to get some cash money.

Porcelain : one thousand dollars cash moneyyyyy.

A good majority is going to go into savings but there are some things that need to be done:

a tattoo
wardrobe enhancement
cool stuff

NEWSNEWSNEWS: Happy Birthday Chris Glancey, gyeah dogggg.

Next Birthday : Bette babe.


Misson get your shit together Friday night after work, go to lyndseas to splatter paint shoes and sew a shirt and get on the freeway to Palm Springs to arrive at 12:30am happened.

Mission go to the Anthem party and leave to stand in the common area on Saturday where people walk in with tickets, try and scalp a ticket but just walk in for free happened.

Adventure hot as an egg frying on cement pool party this morning, beers and hot dog, boucne and get home in 1 hour and 20 mintues today happened.

Prince you RULE. RUUUULE.

Happy to be home though.

Indio - Hayley = Not as fun.

Its officially Coachella sans me. Mannn. Im kind of bummed but not bummed at all. I just got the first "Hayley, where are you im in the parking lot drinking at Coachella" call. "Im at work", "So your not here", "No", "Fuckk".

No worries, thats why we have youtube and cameras. I can re-cap and feel as if I actually was there dying in the heat.

Lets take a minute to take a look back at the last two years of madness...


And 2007 :

Well Porcelains 2007 trip, Danny has all of our pictures on his computer at home. This will be updated in the near future.

Flesh house.

not for the video but for the music. background jams.

brett michaels wears athletic sneaker clogs.

Messy week.

Great minds think alike, alex brought over what I had at Gingergrass last week with James.

Introducing my sunglass collection.


The Dime.