One 40 oz please.

Whatever happened to my friends?

Whatever happened to house parties?

Whatever happened to the movie The Happening?

Whatever happened to my job?

Whatever happened to my necklace? Oh yea. Found it last night.

Whatever happened, happened.

I watched Adaptation last night. I liked it, but it got weird.

I discovered this new show last night called Inside American Jail, REAL reality tv. They call it "Actuality", Actual Reality. Decent show!

Google Imaging: Fancy

Yahoo has got nothing on Google. Yea, I said it.

Fancy nuts?! Id eat some fancy nuts.

And apparently these are fancy pants.



Jeff Shore, Happy Fathers Day.
Jesus Christ, Happy Fathers Day.

My brother and I went to Bar Keeper and got my dad a vintage martini shaker, its better than socks or a tie.

The best thing I've discovered so far today is that Lil Wayne is playing tomorrow at the House of Blues. To short of notice but maybe I can make it magically to the next show at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Do shows suck there? Well thats Thursday.

I enjoy going to my dad's to eat snacks and watch the tube. Lakers are playing tonight, a good place to watch it indeed.

A dad saddle? This is the future.

After discovering the Dad Saddle I got curious and ended up finding another website that displays Totally Absurd Inventions. ! .

The Human Car Wash..

Its description :

The HCW eliminates slipping and falling because the washees are strapped into a hanging harness and merely need to stand or dangle in a fixed position while the conveyor belt moves them from station to station. First the wetting station, then the soapy spray station, next the rinsing station and at the end, no towels are needed because there's a blow drying station!

Developed in 1969 during the cold war, the inventor suggests the Human Car Wash can be built into a mobile trailer "to cope with the mass bathing requirements after an atomic bomb".

Welcome to our Color Party.

BJ had a boner on his back.

Thanks Oscar, Oscar wins mad cool points.

Birthday girl and her main squeeze.

This is when Quentin was saying "Look at how nice my legs are"...

Those glasses were a gift from James from Hawaii, thanks James. Getting good use out of them since 2006.

This was Quentin's 4th change. Quentin you rule, fancy lad wig and all.

For Lyndsea and Erins birthday we threw a party at our house. A theme party. Wear your favorite color from head to toe.

This mission included clearing out all the knick knacks and awesomeness from our living room, making my room look like a bomb shelter, Lyndsea and Erin supplying boo's, covering the walls in tin foil, bagging the couch with garbage bags for ambiance and protection, decorations and reach down into our bag of tricks to get some friends over. It turned out to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

San's Maxi Pad.

The Roosevelt followed by The Room, I cant hang anywhere where I can buy a 30 pack for the price of one beer.

This night was Bananas, Bananas, Nuts, Insane.

This was when Erik reminded me of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob.

This was when I fell. Never not falling.

3 AM Dance Revolution

It took the pictures to prove it to my brain, no recollection. I think we were listening to Steve Miller Band, or at least is was the last record in the player. Hmmm.