Im currently hungover.

Cha Cha tonight.

Today is my day off and im laying on James couch with Chris's dog Seven, we are both basking in the sun. Jaymes at work and im too lazy to walk home at the moment so im taking advantage of being here to the fullest. We made egg sandwiches this morning and what she dosent know is that im about to make some lunch and maybe even watch a movie. Thanks James Free.

I just got deja vu. Or I had deja vu?

Tetris is where its at.

An unexpected Tetris competition occurred last night at Scotties house. PB&J's need not apply.

Stats from what I can remember:

Oh and not by score, by lines...

Andrew: 118
Scottie: 108
Bette: 80 something
Me: 64
Porcelain: In the 30's
Ron: something decent, in between Bette and me?

I want to play again. Or someone needs to get rock band other than Jaymes family because thats just not close enough.

Barragans tonight. Don't you know by now.

Bored at work.

Are you serious man?

We need an algae fish ,the tank is green and not cute.

I finally figured out what the mystery object was that got sent to our store from Japan...

We couldn't figure out what it was, so we slapped a sticker on it and tried to sell it for $1.

Its an eraser? Boring.

Other than last night when I said I wasn't going out but after 2 episodes of Intervention and a 32 of high life.. we went to Bar 107 and Charlie O's......Im staying in tonight. ?


Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood will be making like the Spice Girls and relaunching their once chart-dominating act. BANANAS.

So you know what that means, is back and up and running.

Fix my necklace. Buy a bead.

Bed & Breakfast.

I'm used to 30min parking, 1 hour parking..well what am I even saying? I don't drive, but I'm used to seeing these signs. I love this sign, its on my moms street.

Woodstock, Illinois.

We went to Woodstock to see a movie, sorry Max but we saw Cloverfield. $4 movie, quite amazing really.

The streets are paved in bricks.

Other than that I walked around from shop to shop and took pictures. I like that place. There was an antique shop with classic cameras, like old Rollei's and a Ansco box camera for 10 bucks and I wanted them...did I end up buying them? No ! Dumb. I was worried about finding film but I am thinking about going back to get them Saturday. Yup, I'm gunna go back.

Chucks in the snow, not a good idea.

No toilet seat covers. Not a surprise.

We headed home to have dinner, we had to drive though town to pick up her shoes from the shoe shop and she took me by this place..

My mom noticed that one of her finger nails was better than the rest. I quickly educated her that everyone has a star nail or even a star hand. I showed her my star nail. Oh! and look at my new ring.

This bike is just an extra bike in her garage, I want to teleport it home but that's not happening. You know what else isn't happening, she isn't going to send it to me. Maannnnnnn.

I dont care how this sounds to anyone else, but it makes me so sad to hear that Heath Ledger has passed away. So sad .. I cried.

24oz of Fosters.

Are you for real?

Illinois is Sans toilet seat covers, everywhere. Is it weird that I care. I actually notice this kind of thing.

Are you for real?

Are you for real?

I bought this, no..i didn't. But if I did my guests would of been stoked.

To give a visual :


Front yard.

Going to the city,

We took the train, I love the train !

"Hayley I want to take you to the Pea"..?

Lima bean maybe? Sooo good.

You look up..

And see this. I want to teleport the lima bean to the center of the Echo Park Lake so I could walk to it everyday.


River frozen over. I dont know why when I see these kind of things I automatically imagine worse case scenario. For instance, what if you fell over the edge. Or, what if you saw someone fall over the edge.

That got me kind of down until I saw this dude.

Closer look. Muwahahaha word.

John Belushi.

1st floor, 2nd floor? Nope. 94th, 95th and 96th floor? Sure.

My ears were pissed.

Views from the Ladys restroom.

Restaurant, woaahhh.

Well thats just nice. Imagine that.

Thats where we were.

Finally it was time for dinner. Sushi Samba, japanese fused with brazilian and peruvian. Cool!

We had some drinks and a good dinner. One roll I ordered had salmon on top, a jalapeno and then melted mozzerella. Best thing in the world? Yea maybe. Got to the train station a litle early. What to do? Go to the bar and have a 24 of fosters.

This guy won for the day, MGD tall can on his way home. Way to go sir.

I was kind of jealous.

It snowed 6 inches in Crystal Lake while we were gone, guess what I had to do this morning? Shovel the drive way...... We get outside and she hands me a shovel. Not just any shovel, a shovel that you dig graves with. What did she get? The real deal shovel. In the middle of doing it I said "Mom, my back hurts"..she yells back.."I know". Then a guy walked by and said "Having fun".."No"...."Smile, springs coming"..Indeed.