What do you know about tri-bbq? Nothin.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner. All day grubathon.

I took the bus and met James at her house, helped Chris in the kitchen and headed to Highland Park for James boss's friends 10th annual bbq. We walked in with beer but were directed to throw it down by the other 10 buckets of all sorts of goodness for everyone to share. Came with Pacifico and ended up drinking IPA, red stripe and PBR. Awesome.

The whole point is you bring your own food and there is 4 grills to go crazy on. Sharing is caring.

If only my camera worked in the day light you could of seen cooler things.

Jumbo sized JENGA!

A couple of things.

There is a ghost that lives at my work, I'm not lying.

I know that pink berry sucks but I want it right now.

When I drink Jack rocks it turns me into Roger Rabbit whenever he runs into this dude. Nuts.

Make out bandit 2003.

My favorite quote right now is "The single scene is murder", from a Freddy Kruger fact card.

I need to write a Taco Stand For Dummies book.




Went to go see Bobb Bruno last night, its pretty amazing.
Airel Pink is playing tonight at family, too bad its on the other side of the universe.
I need to get my camera from James.

I found New Edition-Cool it now LP in compton for .39

Barragans tonight, lets go get date raped.


Ariel Pink

Thursday, May 29, 2008 8:30 PM at the Echo



This scares me.

7.9 magnitude earthquake shakes Sichuan province, killing more than 8,700 people. Thats a huge number mann.

I remember the huge earthquake that hit LA in 1994, measuring at 6.6. That one killed 57 people and left 20,000 people homeless. My dad dropped us off at my mom's house and we went straight to bed to be awakened by a shaking duplex and my mom gripping my arm. She ran into my room and grabbed me and threw me under the dining room table then went back for my brother, tripped over his suitcase that had fallen in the doorway and grabbed Ryan. We all huddled under the wood dining room table waiting for it to stop shaking. I was scared because I thought the top floor of the duplex was going to come down on us. After that Ryan and I were terrified to go back to bed so we sat on my moms couch with a boom box equipped with batteries and listened to the news.

My brother told me that a crazy earthquake is coming in the future, god damn natural disasters.

mom day.

"hello", "last night was awesome".

Woke up drunk.

Met up with Ryan and headed to Barneys Beanery to watch the Lakers, eat and share a pitcher.

Currently at my dad's relaxing, listening to the wave and dipping my feet in the pool.



Todays pretty nice.

Try every beer on the board, sure?

Thank you Max for working at my new favorite lil spot.

El Prado.

German and Belgian beer bar right down the street from my house, magical.

Have a little Delirium Tremens, Affligem, Le Chouffe , St. Bernardus, Green Flash IPA and Hefenweizen. Hurray.


A bar in Michigan with a Gandalf poster on the wall.


Interesting . ?


Old times.


Back in the day when I was young, Im not a kid anymore. Kindof.

Three of my old favorite television shows.

Duck Tales.

Bananas In Pajamas.

Adventures in Wonderland.

If you dont smile when you watch these I feel sad for you.

This cat sneak attacks.

This car reminds me of Tank Girl, its parked outside of Dannys new place.

Danny, Porcelain, Roon and I went to the art walk at the Santa Fe Lofts. I felt weird taking photos so I only got a picture of these lamps and a rock thing.

"Hey bro, throw on your blades and lets rip it up!"