I want to believe.

I went and saw X-FILES last night, generally I like every movie but this movie is not where its at. I suggest waiting for DVD release and watching it on a rainy day with nothing better to do. To give you an example / ruin the movie for you in a small way...well a couple of things : No aliens in this movie, at all. Child molester?.Molder is as boneable as before.

This might as well of been a movie still :

Anywho on a cooler note some rad amazing fun cool messy dudes are having an art show tonight that will be epic. This is where I'll be.

And tomorrow Im working at a craft table at this frying in the sun, come hang with me, let me tie dye you or your clothes? :

Oh and can somebody fill me in on what EXACTLY is the Dream Center in Echo Park, they are all starting to creep me out.

This is real life.

Walk into my house the other day and found this laying on my table, my neighbor hooked it up. Thanks Beth, you are the cats pajamas.


Went to El Prado last night and ended up at the Echo and watched Darker My love and then headed to the Gold Room. Met this really wasted girl who was on planet mars, a whole other level I've never experienced. I was laughing with her but then laughing at her, not in a mean way though..i promise.

400 Blows tonight, HARD CORE MAN.





My charm broke.

Off of this..

F that jazz. Out of all of the TCBS ive been given from my dad, none of them have broke. I believe its because its the first year where he gave me one with jewels on it, Hayley Shore is not down for the jewels but I rocked it anyways and this it how it repays me?

Thank goodness for my little friend called a website where another one can be purchased.

Im going to honk 4 times.

Attempted to go to this alleged pool party with a huge water slide and "pool". Drove by and realized it was an astro turf area with a janky blow up water ride and an out ground pool with a Dj spinning personal tunes for a small crowd of 5. Your credit card has been declined. So we went back to the house and played that one game, drink a 32 and hang out. That games the best.

Around 7 Becky, Seth, Daryl and I got it together and decided to go to Cinespia.

Check list for preparation:

1) Heat up bagel bites and wrap in tin foil... ?
2) Mac and Cheese? Why not.
3) Hummus and pita chips
4) Beer
5) Wine
6) Cups
7) 3$ Styrofoam cooler

After all that we got into Becky's car and got raped by the wind, literally. Cinespia movie : Blue Velvet. That song in now forever implanted in my brain. I mean I've seen some twisted David lynch stuff before, this didn't touch that stuff but it was still amazing in both serious and funny ways.


Who knew a drive in movies future would be a movie in a cemetery? Physics knew.

One, two, three, four.

Oh, and this shit scares me. I watched it a long time ago when I lived with Colby. Our neighbor John, "Big John", so tall he had to dunk to get under the door and into our house. We went there and watched a couple of David Lynch films on his projector and one of them being the cartoon Dumbland.

You can find me quoting this cartoon randomly.

I heard you like to fuck ducks.